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Special Report from Cadalyst

Mobile CAD Gets Real
Tapping Tablets for the CAD/Manufacturing Workflow

MS_WP_3-cover.pngA 2016 study by Business Advantage Group found that mobile CAD adoption has stalled; however, recent advances in cloud-based CAD software and mobile hardware technologies suggest that use will accelerate in the next few years.

For those who have put mobile devices to work in the CAD/manufacturing workflow — specifically, tablets — what have been the benefits?

This special report from Cadalyst, Mobile CAD Gets Real, features three professionals — a 3D mechanical CAD user, a project engeineer, and a CAD manager — who share their experiences putting the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet to use in lieu of a laptop. Download your copy now! 

Produced by the editors of Cadalyst and sponsored by Microsoft. 

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