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To Buy or to Rent?

Subscription CAD applications aren’t the best option for every business. Learn the benefits of software ownership vs. rental and how to determine if ownership is right for you.

IMSI-WP1-CADownership-COVER.pngSoftware provision has evolved from disks shipped in a box, to downloadable code, to cloud-based tools accessible via the Internet. As delivery modes have changed so has the concept of software ownership, and users today can buy software, rent it via subscription, or pay a fee to access it online.

When it comes to software rental vs. ownership, how can you be sure you make the right choice? This white paper will explain the benefits of software ownership and provides advice to help you determine whether ownership is your best option. It includes a look at TurboCAD Pro, a powerful 2D/3D CAD solution that offers versatile licensing options.

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