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Professional CAD Workstation
vs. Gaming PC

Tested head-to-head, which option performs better for the money?

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You hear manufacturers' claims that professional workstations perform better than consumer or gaming PCs when it comes to supporting demanding design work -- but is it really true?

Led by hardware expert Alex Herrera, Cadalyst put that question to the test, running CAD-related benchmark tests to evaluate the performance of a $2,200 professional CAD workstation against a $2,100 PC outfitted for gaming.

See the results -- based on actual benchmark results -- and decide for yourself which option makes sense to support your workload.

And does it pay off to update your computer every few years? Herrera compared benchmark results of a new workstation to those of a three-year-old model to see if frequent updates actually pay off.

See the benchmark results for yourself. Download the complimentary white paper today!

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