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Considering a Move from AutoCAD to MicroStation? MicroStation Maxine Can Help!
Making a switch to new CAD software is a daunting prospect  but the results can be entirely worth the effort in terms of improved productivity, more flexible licensing, lower cost, and more. The key is to make the transition as smooth as possible. 
Bentley Systems, developer of MicroStation, has teamed with Cadalyst to help AutoCAD users better understand, justify, and navigate the move to MicroStation. The Switching Center on Cadalyst.com is a growing collection of resources designed to deliver the information, advice, and support that users need as they consider — and, ultimately, carry out — a move to MicroStation. 
Have questions? MicroStation Maxine is standing by with answers, no matter how big or small the question! Simply complete the form at right. Maxine will follow up with you directly, then share the information with your peers in an upcoming Cadalyst article (if appropriate, and your name will not be published). 
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