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Each week our editors curate articles from Longitude Media and other trusted industry sources to create a pool of 20-30+ articles most relevant for Digital Innovators in specific industries.  From this pool of articles, our newsletter will deliver to you a recommendation of 6-8 articles based on your unique interests (see more below).
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How Do We Personalize Each Issue Just for You?

  • Step 1 - A Fresh Start:  Your initial newsletter issues will have a randomized selection of articles across many market related topics. Each issue will continually adapt to create a curated newsletter tailored to your specific interests at the time.
  • Step 2 - Learning and Adapting:  From your very first click, our Artificial Intelligence engine gets to work. It analyzes the articles you engage with, noting down specific topical and industry tags.
  • Step 3 - Crafting Your Personalized Newsletter:  Using the insights gathered each week, our platform will recommend a selection of articles for your next issue that aligns with your interests.
Note: you will never be in an information silo!  We always mix things up a bit! A portion of your newsletter will always feature random article recommendations, ensuring you never miss out on other topics.


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