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Recorded Webinar

Get up to speed on the latest computing technologies and learn how to configure a system that's optimized to support your specific design workflow. 

  • What's the latest in CAD workstation technologies (CPU, graphics, memory, and storage)? 
  • How do I select the right components to support individual workflows without wasting money? 

Some workflows crave CPU speed or cores while others demand memory or graphics power. Wherever your computing demands fall along the spectrum, balanced workstation power is vital to productivity and project success. 

In this one-hour recorded webinar, you'll learn how to identify the perfect mix of technology, balanced to meet specific computing needs. Workstation guru Mike Leach of Lenovo will share his recipes for success when it comes to configuring professional workstations for varying demands of four workflows. 

BONUS: links to 4 workstation configuration recipe cards will be included:

Recipe Card 1 – 3D Design/BIM
Recipe Card 2 – BIM & Design Review
Recipe Card 3 – Visualisation & VR
Recipe Card 4 – AI & Deep Learning

Produced by Cadalyst and sponsored by Lenovo. 


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